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Please feel free to order permits though the following website and or by calling 1-877-996-7275. Thank you for your understanding!

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Effective January 1, 2002, the owner of an off-road recreational vehicle (ORV) that will be operated on designated ORV trails and areas within Wyoming must purchase an annual registration user fee at a cost of $15.
  • The Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources administers this new registration program. Funds collected will be used to operate the Wyoming ORV Trails Program. The State ORV Trails Program will develop, maintain and manage ORV trails in the areas where the funds are collected.
  • ORV's included:Type 1 - an ATV having at least 3 wheels and that is 50" or less in width and weighs 900 pounds or less; Type 2 - any unlicensed motorcycle which weighs 600 pounds or less; Type 3 - any multi-wheeled motorized vehicle not required by law to be licensed and which is designed for cross-country travel.
  • All ORV's are required to display the Wyoming ORV permit while operating upon public lands and other designated roads, trails or areas. However, ORV's may only be operated when on roads, trails or areas designated as "OPEN" by appropriate local land managers (Forest Service, BLM, state or others, as appropriate). ORV riders should contact the local land manager's office in the area in which they wish to ride to determine which roads, trails and areas are open for ORV use. Visit the State Trails Program website for phone numbers of the various land managers in Wyoming.
  • The $15 state ORV permit is valid for a calendar year and required for both residents and non-residents (same permit for both users). There is no reciprocity with other state's OHV or ORV permits.
  • ORV permits will be available at local selling agents throughout Wyoming by July 1. Selling agents will include ATV and motorcycle dealers, local businesses, selected Forest Service and State Park offices, and some county treasurer offices. They may also be purchased by calling the State Trails Program office at 307-777-6323.
  • IMPORTANT CHANGE: The 2002 Legislature changed Wyoming statute so that ORV's which only display the ORV sticker may be operated upon streets, roads or highways when those roadways have been designated as a Wyoming ORV travel route by the agency with jurisdiction over the roadway. In such a case, the ORV would only be subject to the state ORV user registration fee and not be deemed a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV). Persons operating upon designated roadways with the ORV sticker would be required to have a valid driver?s license or permit.
  • Titling and plating of a MPV is still an option; however an ORV permit is required when operating an ORV upon a designated trail.
  • For further information on Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) call 307 777 3815 or visit
  • The State Trails Program is currently working with agencies (Forest Service, BLM and others) to identify roadways that will be designated as ORV routes under this program.
For more information, contact the State Trails Program Office at (307) 777-6323.
Department of State Parks & Cultural Resources